About Dr. Steve

“The Hypnotist Who Wakes People Up”

Hi there.

My name is Dr. Steve Taubman, and I’m a hypnotist.

But, unlike other hypnotists, I don’t just put people to sleep. (Although I can and have, and the results are almost always spectacularly entertaining.) I help them wake up.

Specifically, I help them wake up to success.

What do I mean by that?

If you’re like most of the ambitious sales professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who found their way onto this website, you probably jumped out of bed this morning ready to kick butt. And as you were standing in the shower, you had all these great ideas about how you were going to seize the day, power through your to-do list, and totally crush your goals.

Yet, when it’s time to go home, you’ll probably look back at your to-do list and realize you didn’t achieve half of what you set out to do.

What happened?

Most likely, several things, many of which — like time management, productivity, selling and leadership skills, networking, etc. — are relatively straightforward to fix.

However, there’s also a deeper thing at play.

I’m talking about your inner game.

You see, all of us are influenced by unconscious programming. In a sense, voices in our head. Voices we can’t consciously hear. Voices that hold our psyche in a trance. Voices that fill our brain with trash and talk us out of doing the things that are critical to our success.

My job is to help you snap out of it.

To break that trance.

So you can seize the day, crush your goals, and achieve great things.

That’s what my daily email newsletter is about. It’s your daily wake-up call. A few words of insight, inspiration, or practical advice to help you snap out of it and seize the day — one small tip to help you master the inner game of success.