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Dr. Steve's Bulletproof Mastermind

An opportunity to Join Me and a Select Group of Sales Professionals, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs for an Hour Every Morning as we figure out how to adapt to the shutdown... build unstoppable momentum for our goals... and Come Out the Other Side Stronger and Richer.

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From the desk of:

Dr. Steve Taubman
"The hypnotist who wakes people up"
America's #1 Authority on the Inner Game of Prosperity

Dear friend,

As I mentioned a few days ago, I've been putting something together.

It's a new private community, which I've decided to call "Dr. Steve's Bulletproof Mastermind". A way for us to grab this period of "social distancing" and quarantine by the horns and turn it into a period of growth. A way for us to not only get through this together — but come out the other side stronger, more focused, more connected, and more formidable. A way for us to build unstoppable momentum for our goals.


When the smoke clears and the world goes back to normal, we can be ready to absolutely crush the rest of 2021. We'll be chomping at the bit, ready to make this next chapter the best and most amazing years of our life.

If circumstances force us to retreat from the world and stay indoors, we might as well turn it into an actual retreat. We might as well embrace this time as a gift, and use it to reset, recharge, and reconnect with our center.

After all, you want to make these months count, right?

When this shadow is just a memory, you want to have something to show for it all, don’t you?

Well... that's what this new private community is about.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the best way to give COVID-19 the black eye it deserves to use it as a springboard to your next success, as an opportunity to double down and focus on your growth.

Life goes on. Because life always finds a way.

The great capitalist machine that is America will keep turning over.

People will keep spending money.

As sales professionals, network marketers, and entrepreneurs, our imperative right now is to ADAPT. We need to get our head straight, follow the money, master new skills, make new connections, and execute swiftly.

And that's why I created this mastermind.

I'm still working on a few of the details. However, here's what I can tell you now:

  • It's going to be virtual, obviously. :-)
  • It's going to be a daily mastermind. You, me, and a small group of fellow sales professionals, network marketers, and entrepreneurs are going to jump on Zoom keep each other on-track through all this.
  • We'll help each other get connected, master new skills and grow, stay disciplined and make the most of our time, find new ways to contribute value and earn money, and build our businesses.
  • We'll also read books together and exchange notes.
  • I'll guide you through a brief meditation.
  • We'll form accountability partnerships, share resources, and maybe put together joint ventures. (I can't promise this. But you never know. I've seen partnerships begin in the most unlikely of places.)
  • It will last for an hour each day, Monday to Friday, and it's going to take place in the late morning Eastern (early morning Pacific). Consider it your "Power Hour". You'll come off the call ready to move mountains.
  • And it's not going to be expensive.

How much are we talking?

In my email last week, I said that membership of my new mastermind would cost "about the same as you would have spent on a cup of coffee and donut in the morning". I meant that literally.

I did some asking around, and most folks agree that $5 is a fair price to pay for a decent latte and a donut. The average month has 20.8 working days. So, that "cup of ambition" and sugar boost works out to $104/month.

For simplicity, let's call it $97.

That's how much it costs to be a member of my daily Bulletproof Mastermind a square $97 per month, or $4.66 per workday. Less than five bucks to spend an hour every day with me and a select group of other serious and ambitious sales professionals and entrepreneurs sharpening our minds and building our businesses.

If you value that kind of connection and camaraderie more than a latte, you'll love it here. :-)

And if you'd rather save five bucks, it's probably not for you. And that's okay.

Join Dr. Steve's Bulletproof Mastermind

As a member of this community, you will get:

  • Group meetings with Dr. Steve every day (Mon-Fri).
  • Access to calls from your smartphone, tablet, PC, and other devices. (All calls recorded and files sent to members.)
  • Private Facebook group, where you can get direct access to Dr. Steve and connect with other Bulletproof members.
  • Guided meditations, mindfulness training, and special exercises to beef up your inner game and mojo.
  • Accountability partnerships.
  • And far more.