I’m still hearing the silent scream…what do I DO???

For those of you business people who refuse to relax and get resourceful until you have some tangible ideas of what to DO, here are a few strategies from my Top Ten Ways to Opt Out of the Pandemic Economy speech. Maybe some of this will resonate for you…

#10-Make your bed… Start your day and continue your day with discipline and impeccability. The first thing people do in a crisis is to give up and let entropy take over. Maintain order!

#9-Sharpen your sword… You know there are things you put off when you were busy because you didn’t have time to do them. You do now. Improve your skill sets, fix up your file cabinets, tighten up your tools.

#8-Paint your picture… “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18. You need to see your life the way you want it to be, and stop dwelling on what’s not working now. Start journaling, storyboarding, and affirming the vision of what you want.

#7-Practice state control… The more you “master your domain” the more impervious you’ll be to stress and worry. Stay optimistic. Remember that things often change suddenly and without warning.

#6-Have fun… It’s a well established fact that laughter releases endorphins which make you healthier and more resourceful. Don’t be dragged into believing that the only solution is more work, stress, and worry.

#5-Be the Ferrari… Even in tough times, people buy the best. Ferrari actually sells MORE cars during tough economic times. Milgram’s Law states that in an overcrowded market, people always choose the company on top.

#4-Sell to Ferraris… Find the people with money and taste who refuse to buy into the pandemic economy and sell to them. They still want to buy, to invest in themselves, to have the best and to celebrate life (as should you!)

#3-Sell state, not products… People don’t buy things; they buy what the things will make them feel. Make people feel good about you and help them realize how good having your product or service will make them feel, and they’ll buy it.

#2-Start buying stuff… If you want to break the spending logjam, start with yourself. It’s tough to sell someone on the idea of spending money when you won’t do it yourself. Spend wisely. Invest in yourself and your future, NOW!

#1-Study mindfulness and influence… When you learn to control your mind, you’ll not only feel better but you’ll be more naturally influential with a greater capacity for rapport. Stop working and start thinking!

So, hopefully that gives you more tangible ideas about how to handle the pandemic economy. Now go forth and prosper!

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