A couple of years ago, I stopped using shaving cream.

I’d been wondering if it was necessary. Sure, the media has us convinced that we need it for a smooth shave, along with a host of other skin care products for age-defying beauty.

But, is it true?

Turns out it’s NOT. I get very smooth shaves using soap and warm water. I’ve stopped other products too. My skin is clear and healthy without wrinkle-removers. My hair is silky without conditioner.

Still hanging on to the deodorant though. 🙂

Now, maybe I’m the exception. Maybe I’m just naturally lucky, smooth, and impervious to shaving cuts. Or maybe, I’m like everyone else, but they haven’t taken the risk of experimenting with their assumptions.

What are your assumptions? What do you think you need to be happy, successful, complete, beautiful, etc.?

The question applies to mental states as well. Sometimes we hang on to them, not realizing we could choose to let them go.

My friend, Donna, a brilliant TV producer/host was recently sharing the emotional weight of constantly worrying about where the money was going to come from for her next show. The worrying was squeezing the joy out of an otherwise stellar career. Ironically, the money ALWAYS showed up when it had to.

So my question to her was, “Is the worry a necessary part of the formula?” Or is the worry like the shaving cream. Programmed into our minds as a necessity, but really not necessary at all?

Hey, here’s an idea!

What if you began to experiment with simplifying your life AND your mind. Try releasing unneeded thoughts and seeing if anything changes. My assertion is that things will change…for the better.

To do this, you need to have practiced mindfulness enough to be able to witness yourself and know what your thoughts actually are. Otherwise, you’ll just unconsciously feel your suffering and never recognize that you’re the one who’s causing it; let alone that you have a choice!

This isn’t just philosophy, guys! This is a real, attainable goal.

You CAN stop carrying your crappy mind around with you and LIVE FREE. If you need help with this, that’s what I’m here for. Book a free discovery session to see how we can work together to get you out of your own way.

Of course, it’s YOUR choice.

…do you believe me?

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