Yesterday, we talked about the looming shutdown.

Specifically, about the importance of mental preparation — so we can go into this with our head straight and come out the side stronger, more motivated, and ready to make our next chapter the best years of our lives.

As I mentioned, there are three key challenges we all face.

Three “inner-game” tests we all need to overcome. If we do, this coming period of isolation can become a form of metamorphosis for us. Instead of shriveling up and wasting away, we will emerge into the word again transformed, ready to grab life by the horns and ACHIEVE.

The first challenge?


Yes, we’re going to need to isolate ourselves from the outside world. But it doesn’t mean we have to be isolated from each other.

Remember that movie, Cast Away?

Tom Hanks is marooned on the island, alone. As he starts to lose his mind, he befriends a volleyball which he names Wilson. We all remember the scene, when he’s sailing away to freedom, and his “friend” Wilson falls overboard. Against all sense, he jumps into the water to rescue it.


Well, this is what loneliness can do to a person.

It’s not good for your soul.

And it’s not good for your sanity.

Remember Jim Rohn’s famous quote? “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” What happens when we can’t spend time with anybody? In a sense, we become the average of ZERO.

If you followed my advice yesterday, you should have (or be on your way to building) a 30-day supply of food, medicine, and essential supplies.

The next step is to circle the wagons.

Call your friends, your family, those you love. Check in on them. Make a commitment to keep in touch with each other — if not daily, then every few days — to stay by their side and get through this together.

Plan something.

“When the storm passes, we’re going to get together. We’ll organize a barbeque, grill some steak, and open up that case of wine I’ve been saving all these years. We’re going to party like it’s 1999 again. Together. All of us!”

Connect with your clients, partners, prospects.

Put away the NLP, sales closes, and power talk. Talk candidly about the challenges you all face, and brainstorm things you can do to get through this together. People need you. This is the time for you to step up.

Get your technology in order.

Skype is okay. Zoom is much better. The call quality is great. You can talk from your smartphone, laptop, PC, maybe even your TV set. Older clients or relatives who aren’t as confident with technology can dial in from their phone. Everyone can get together, share video feeds, share screens, engage.

Now’s a great time for you to be a leader in this regard.

I’m talking about family, friends, clients. Get yourself a Zoom account. You can share the URL and phone number with everybody — your family, friends, clients, prospects, partners, associates, neighbors, everyone in your circle. If you get this set up, they don’t have to. And it won’t cost them a dime.

Take the lead. Be a pillar of support. Foster connection.

Will you do it?

That’s the first test.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the second.

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