You know Isaac Newton?

The English physicist, astronomer, mathematician, and alchemist who’s widely regarded as one of the greatest scientists who ever lived?

Who, supposedly, had an apple fall on his head?

A lot of folks don’t know this — but the masterpieces for which he is now known and celebrated, calculus and Newtonian mechanics, were created in the Great Plague of 1665-6 while he was stuck at home in quarantine.

That’s right!

The Black Death caused untold misery at the time. However, in a sense, it could also be considered one of the best things to ever happen to Western civilization. If it weren’t for Newton, virtually every facet of modern life that we now take for granted — including the internet — simply wouldn’t exist.

What if Isaac Newton were living today? And he were a sales professional or entrepreneur? And he was stuck at home, unable to make money?

How would he make the most of the quarantine of 2020?

In my humble opinion, he’d do the following:

  1. Set up a website — Nothing too fancy, at least to begin with. Just a blog, a contact page, and an “about us” page, which he’d start filling up with quality content to attract people who might do business with him (whether right now, or when the quarantine ends in a few months).
  2. Build an email list — Aweber or Mailchimp is fine. He’d start calling and emailing every prospect, customer, client, associate, partner, and warm contact he’s interacted with in the last few years, and ask them if it’s okay to add them to his new email newsletter.
  3. Write quality content — Just one good piece every day. He’s an expert in his chosen field, so he’d never run out of interesting things to talk about. And as long as he makes it relevant to the people he wants to attract, this content will serve him well. People on his list will read it. Some of them will share it with others. Google will start showing it to people who search online for information. His audience will grow.
  4. Find a new business model — This might mean creating a digital product, or coming up with a service that he could deliver remotely. Or, if that’s not possible, he could create an incentive for clients to pre-pay for his services. Perhaps a discount or a special bundle. And if that’s not possible either, he’d focus simply on filling his pipeline, ready for when the economic engine returns to full speed in a few months.
  5. Create an offer page — A way for interested prospects to buy something, start a conversation about working together, or put their name down on a waiting list. Something to promote in his content that people can respond to, that turns interest into sales or pipeline.

Isaac Newton was serious about getting stuff done.

If he set his mind on the goal of building a profitable business, he’d get up every morning at the crack of dawn and work away at those five steps.

And when the quarantine is lifted, he’d have a new income stream.

Who knows?

He might decide he likes this new way of earning dough more than the old daily grind. He might look back on all this and be glad it happened.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with the right mindset.

And how much you can have to show for a month or two of “downtime”, when you start every day with a purpose and a razor-sharp edge.

That’s why I started my new Bulletproof Mastermind.

It’s a way for realtors, insurance brokers, financial advisors, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and other sales professionals to get together every morning, tap into their inner “Isaac Newton”, and make every day count.

You can learn more about it (and join) over here:

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