A lot of realtors are asking this question right now.

And so are insurance brokers, financial advisors, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and just about every other sales professional.

In fact, it applies to almost everyone.

“How can I sell when people are afraid to spend money?”

It’s a sound question. While I don’t have an easy answer, I do have an answer. And it’s the same answer for everyone who’s in the business of selling — whether that be a product, a service, or even cause.

It’s this:

You don’t stand a chance of selling in this climate of fear until you first buy into the idea that America is going to be okay — that, yes, we’re on our knees for now, but when the smoke clears our economic engine will fire up again.

In other words, the first sale is to yourself.

This piece of wisdom is as old as sales itself. But now that we’re living under a shadow, it takes on new relevance, doesn’t it?

Demand for a lot of things has taken a hit.

But there is still some demand.

There are people who, even now, have to buy a new home, a new car, or health insurance. Others need a guide for their retirement strategy. No matter the current situation, financial planning for the future is always a good idea.

The point is, people need things and they need someone to buy them from.

Why not you?

In fact, let’s turn that question around.

Why you? Why should they transact through you?

Because you are the one realtor, the one auto dealer, the one network marketer, the one insurance agent, etc. who fills their heart with confidence.

Intellectually, they “know” America is going to be okay. But when all they hear is doom and gloom, they start to doubt that. You’re the one who keeps them tuned into the big picture and helps them see the long-term opportunity.

In other words, you bring hope.

People like this are much-needed right now.

And as rare these days as toilet paper.

But you can’t fake it. You either believe that the sun will rise again, or you don’t. Prospects and clients sense when you’re trying to blow smoke.

This is why inner game is so important to selling.

Especially now.

And it’s the main reason I launched my new Bulletproof Mastermind group. It’s a way for realtors, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and other sales pros to get together every day and help each other maintain a razor-sharp edge.

Because there’s no better way to buy into the belief you need to sell, than to be around other people like you who are successfully closing right now.


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